Duke at Sixteen Months

This little boy is a special one, he has a special place in my heart because he belongs to my dear friends. His mother and I were pregnant at the same time, going through the same things at the same time. They are only 4 weeks apart and so they are learning and doing the same things. Duke is more of an energetic one, keeping his parents on their toes. I met them at the park, near the 404 and we just hung out and I followed Duke around, wherever he pleased and he did all the work. He was intrigued with my big bulky camera and had me running all over the place. He is a sweet, sweet boy, so glad I was able to capture him here, at 16 months old. His mom and I laugh that we didn’t get 1 year photos because it’s in the middle of winter when that takes place, so 16 month photos it is! J


I hope you enjoy these!




krsny-1 krsny-17 krsny-30 krsny-39 krsny-63 krsny-88 krsny-90 krsny-99 krsny-112 duke

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